Hoby Buchanon – Mia Kay Wants To Get It Rough


I picked up Mia Kay at the airport and brought her back to my place. The first thing I did was have her go into the model bathroom so Daddy could give her something special to drink. She tells us in her interview she hasn’t done much crazy stuff and that’s why she’s here. I walk up and slap her face and spit in her mouth. I have her kiss my stomach slowly before taking my cock out and putting it all the way down her throat. I fuck her face roughly and put my fingers down her throat. I bend over and tell her to eat my ass. I stand on the couch and face fuck her then put her in a head lock. I finger her pussy roughly and fuck it hard on the couch. I have her bend over and suck my cock and spread her asshole open toward the camera. I put her head in a figure four with my cock down her throat. I fuck her face and pussy more roughly and she eats my ass. I switch to POV for more face fucking and ass eating then fuck her hard on the couch and in the air. I put my toes in her mouth and fuck her face. I flip her upside down and fuck her face hard. I take her to the bedroom for a 69 then pound her pussy hard from behind. I bend over and she puts her tongue in my ass and then gives me a footjob. I pound her tight hole some more then put her on her knees against the wall and spit in her face. I fuck her face against the wall and blow my load all over it. I take her outside and chokeslam her into the pool. Mia was a good girl for Daddy!


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Actors: Mia Kay
Studios: Hoby Buchanon
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