Girls Way – Seeing Red Nerdy Slumber Party Makeover – Maya Kendrick, Aria Carson


Aria Carson and Maya Kendrick are having a slumber party, remembering all the good times they had during other slumber parties in the past. It’s been too long since they’ve hung out and there’s a lot of catching up to do — like gossiping about dating! But as they catch up, it’s revealed that Maya Kendrick hasn’t been dating because she’s shy about her looks, so that’s when Aria offers to give her a makeover in her parents’ in-home beauty salon. Although Maya’s a bit shy, Aria easily wins her over, and it’s time for the makeover!

First, Aria encourages Maya Kendrick to change into sexier pajamas. Then Aria gets Maya Kendrick to try on some new makeup and wear her hair differently to help bring out her inner beauty. All throughout, they chat, with Aria lifting Maya up however she can and — little by little — Maya becomes more confident in herself as well… In fact, she becomes so confident, and emboldened by their intimacy, she gives Aria a kiss and admits that she has a crush on Aria.

But it seems like she’s not the ONLY one feeling more confident because Aria admits that she’s always felt the same about Maya as well. As sparks fly, it’s clear that neither one of them will be doing much slumbering at this slumber party!

Studios: Girls Way, Adult Time