Exploited College Girls – Dafeny Miles – 24 Years Old – First DP


“It’s about to get real!!!” Is what I say to 24 year old Dafeny Miles (aka Angel Blue) who is returning to the ExploitedX network for her 3rd shoot and first ever DP. It’s also another first here at ExCoGi as resident stud from Black Ambush, Isiah Maxwell makes his debut appearance to help out Jake Adams fill ALL, and I mean ALL, of Dafeny’s holes today. And she as well as us couldn’t be more excited. If you haven’t seen Dafeny’s scenes over at Backroom Casting Couch or Black Ambush, you must. They are top rated for a reason and this DP scene is sure to be up there as well. So you can tell Dafeny’s really giddy as a school girl and confesses she’s more excited than nervous for today’s events which is kind of a surprise knowing that she’s had a few group sex experiences already in her personal life. Well those past little Suarez were fun I’m sure, but they were definitely only filled with amateur cocks which in turn will make today’s shenanigans even more memorable we think. So Jake in great haste wastes little time getting Dafeny naked so the day’s festivities can begin and our DP newbie gets right to a double BJ taking turns sucking the long stiff cocks displayed before her. This girl loves all kinds of sex, as she declared earlier, and it shows. Letting Isiah and Jake take turns clogging her windpipe as they throat fuck our willing slut in a precursor of the coming rough events of the day. You can just tell Dafeny loves to have our guys hands all over her as they use her as a little fuck doll while taking out their perverted lustful desires on her. It’s hot and also not long into the action before a butt plug is introduced to get that little asshole of hers prepped for the day’s doings. And you know it happened. Yes Isiah made her taste her ass, telling her to lick that plug freshly from her sphincter. Which she did willingly like the good little submissive slut she is. Next it’s onto taking turns, turning her out, and Eiffel towering our little honey until the main event that she came here for takes place, and take place it does. Dafeny rides Isiah’s stiff cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl as a warm up and the room starts heating up. “You know why we’re both here right?” is what’s asked of Dafeny and obediently she confirmers that all her holes are to be filled with cock as Jake shoves his cock up her pussy as she continually thrusts down on Isiah cock up her ass. “Fuck me”, she screams and you can tell Dafeny loves anal and really wants this DP. If I didn’t know better I would say she’s done this before but Dafeny’s down for anything and the boys oblige her taking turns filling her up. This is one hot fucking and it all ends in a glorious double filled facial of cum that Dafeny gladly licks up and swallows before confessing she wants to do more DP’s in her personal life as well as on film. We agree Dafeny, you look fucking hot as fuck with cum dripping off you as you glow with the “I just had all my holes filled, giddy as a school girl post fucking of a life time look”, look. You know the look, and yeah she throws us a kiss to the camera in the bathroom afterwards and she says she’ll be back for more before she showers off the nasty she just worked so hard cover herself with. God I love nasty girls and Dafeny checks all, and I mean all, the nasty as you want me to be boxes in the nasty as fuck department. After today we’re all hoping you’re ready for more nasty and you pick us to fill those future lustful desires girl. Our door is always open for a girl like you as long as all your holes are open for us. So enjoy Dafeny’s DP debut. Isiah and Jake most certainly did.

Actors: Dafeny Miles
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