Caught Fapping – Surprise Me – Gianna Dior, Zac Wild


Gianna Dior hasn’t had the best week. She just got dumped by her stupid boyfriend. Over a text! Ugh! Adding fuel to her fire, her ex’s older sibling Zac Wild has stopped by to pick up her ex’s things. Totally not what she needs right now! Gianna hasn’t made it easy for Zac either. She’s thrown all her ex’s clothes all over the floor, making this more than a simple clean-up job. To her surprise, Zac takes it in stride, giving her a warm smile and making her feel as comfortable as possible with this awkward situation. Throughout the day, Gianna starts to realize that Zac is very different from her ex. He’s funny, sensitive, and thoughtful, not to mention pretty hot too. So when Zac ducks out to grab them some lunch, Gianna decides to dip into a little APPETIZER while he’s gone. She pulls out her favorite vibrator, sets it to max, and pleasures herself on her bed, getting lost in a wet fantasy of the romance that might have been had she picked Zac instead of ‘you-know-who’. She gets so carried away that she doesn’t realize that Zac has come back and caught her wet-handed, dripping on the bed sheets with her favorite toy between her legs! Once again, Zac treats her with respect, covering his eyes while trying not to embarrass her. He’s such a gentleman… and underneath that good-natured smile there’s probably a hard body that could give her exactly what she needs to forget about her ex. Gianna invites him to the bed and shows Zac just how wet she can get. Things could get a bit slippery, so she might need a helping hand. As it turns out, Zac is more than helpful… and willing.

Actors: Gianna Dior