Black Ambush – Evelyn Payne


Today Evelyn Payne is back and she’s fresh off her shoots at ExCoGi and BackRoomCasting were she killed it. You know you only loose your pornginity once and Evelyn lost more than her pornginity with us. Her first sex on camera was over at ExCoGi and at backroom she lost her Analginity. I must say both her scenes are very spank worthy so go check them out. So actually Tyler, who’s playing the director today, convinced Miss Payne that today was another ExCoGi scene where she was going to take 2 cocks and this girl was so excited to take one in the pink and one in the stink for her first ever DP. I’m not sure who’s more excited for today’s events, Tyler or Evelyn? You see Tyler didn’t get to fuck Evelyn over at ExCoGi and you can just see he can’t wait to get his hands on her. The only problem is he will have to wait another day to fuck her for her DP scene, that we actually shot the next day, because we have an ambush planned for little Evelyn and I don’t think she minded one damn bit when Isiah Maxwell walked out of the shower for the biggest cock she’s ever fucked. “Can someone say BBC!!!” is what she screamed when she got her first look at what Isiah was packing as she knelt before him to start sucking. Deep throating? You bet she did and she isn’t acting when she says she’s never fucked or sucked a cock this big before. My man Isiah knows how to fuck a lady and fuck her right, one orgasm after another and another and another for a fuck session she won’t soon forget. So enjoy Evelyn everyone.


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Actors: Evelyn Payne
Studios: Black Ambush
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