All Her Luv – A Spark Named Ruth Pt 1 – Aila Donovan, Kit Mercer


Synopsis: Romantic and playful sex between two wives: Kit Mercer and Alia Donavan

Lucy (Kit Mercer) and Elizabeth (Alia Donavan) have been married for years. Their relationship is comfortable but there’s something lacking, some spark. Lucy lays on her bed and masturbates as she dreams, “You get to a certain point in your life where you lose that spark. Things don’t get worse, they become flat. Your days fill up with the same mundane tasks. Your relationships stabilize. Everything is “nice.” Everything is “fine.” It’s a life that makes my skin crawl. Is this all there is?”

Lucy has invited her step-daughter, Ruth (Elena Koshka) to stay with her while she attends college, and she fears her wife might be unhappy about the arrangement. Elizabeth assures her that she’s happy that Ruth is staying with them. Ruth has a certain spark to her, a glow that reminds Lucy of Elizabeth– when they first met.

Elizabeth looks at her beautiful wife and sees that something is wrong. What if they went on vacation, splurge on someplace exotic like they used to? Elizabeth smiles, reminiscing about old times, “remember when I took you that strip club and the hottest little redhead danced for you?” Lucy smiles warmly at the memory, “I do.” Elizabeth purrs, “Ruth is out of the house.. maybe I can be your private dancer?” Lucy smiles as Elizabeth kisses her soft, supple lips.htt

Watch the story unfold..


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