All Girl Massage – This I Gotta See – Diana Grace, Hyley Winters


It’s a slow day at the massage parlor. Hyley Winters and Diana Grace, two masseuses, chat about recent positive reviews, which leads to a playful competition between them about who has the best massage techniques. Hyley insists that she can do massages blindfolded and Diana decides to challenge her on that claim. Hyley is a bit taken aback but agrees to give Diana a massage to prove herself, getting creative as she takes the belt from a bathrobe to blindfold herself.

Diana is even more amused as she strips down and lies on the massage table as Hyley gets into position. Since Hyley is blindfolded, the massage is sensual and explorative as she relearns the female body in a new, tantalizing way. Because of this, Diana becomes aroused but tries to keep it to herself… until Hyley accidentally grazes her breasts. Although Hyley is a bit embarrassed and flustered, Diana encourages her to keep going. Instead of this being a friendly competition, the air is now charged as sexual tension builds between them. Once Hyley accidentally touches Diana’s pussy, realizing she’s NOT as dexterous as she claims, she’s mortified. But when Diana encourages her to keep going, her tone seductive, Hyley realizes there are OTHER ways to prove her dexterity!

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