Adult Time – The Rule Of The School – Katie Morgan, Leda Lotharia, Lola Fae – Lez Be Bad


It is the first day of a new school year, and two spoiled students (Leda Lotharia and Lola Fae) are already in detention. Their families are rich, so they act like they rule the school. But their new teacher (Katie Morgan) is not intimidated by their status, and unlike the teachers of past years, she has NO patience for their bad behavior. Lola and Leda are both entertained and impressed with Katie’s strictness, taunting her to spank them. The teacher lines the students up bent over her desk side-by-side, then flips up their skirts and spanks them.However, Leda and Lola mock Katie for being a lesbian, saying that Katie is probably getting off on punishing them. This makes Katie even angrier, so she dons a strap-on and uses it to fuck the both of them. Katie then grabs the students by their hair, ordering them to kiss and grope each other. However, Leda and Lola continue to be amused, teasing and encouraging Katie even while being sexually submissive.They all undress, and then Katie takes out more strap-ons and attaches them to the students for more strap-on fucking, including double-penetration. Eventually, Katie makes Leda wear a strap-on right on her face, so Lola and Katie can take turns riding it. But can any of this prove who really has the rule of the school?


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