A POV Story – Trusting Daddy Part 1 – Lacey London, Isiah Maxwell


Kimmy Kimm is staying for the weekend with her friend Lacey (London) and Lacey’s stepdaddy Isiah Maxwell. The girls’ conversation turns toward KK having a crush: “Didn’t you ever want to see your daddy’s dick in the flesh?”, she asks Lacey comically. Isiah is straitlaced and when he finds out the kids are going to Zero Gravity night club he forbids Lacey from attending, as it’s a place that serves liquor and she’s underage. KK is going herself, to hookup with a guy she’s contacted via the internet, while Lacey agrees to stay home with daddy and watch a new season of a sci-fi TV show together. KK mocks Lacey for still being a virgin at age 20, but Lacey declares she’s in love and plans to have sex for the first time this weekend with her mystery man. Kimmy gets mad at her best friend and leaves in a huff, wearing a dress she’s just borrowed from Lacey, declaring she’s keeping the dress. Lacey visits daddy in his bedroom and tells him how Kimmy suddenly left, lamenting that they’ve grown apart. She mentions how KK likes to pick up guys in clubs, while she has no intention of going to bed with a man until she’s in love with him. “I am in love with a guy -he’s tall, dark and handsome. He just makes my heart beat every time he looks at me”, she confides, putting daddy’s hand over her heart. “You don’t know who he is? Daddy, it’s you I’m in love with”, she admits. She strips for him, declaring: “I want you to be my first”. She starts fondling her pussy, saying “See how wet I am?” and pours on the seductive dirty talk as daddy fingers her. Watch the taboo romance unfold, and don’t miss Part 2 where Kimmy returns from the club.


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Actors: Lacey London
Studios: A POV Story, MissaX
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