A POV Story – He Is Mine 2 Part 1 – Coco Lovelock, Jason Pierce


Coco (Lovelock) and her cousin (Theodora Day) argue about an upcoming birthday party for a guy she’s got a crush on, when Coco’s stepbrother (Jason Pierce) enters the kitchen, just as Coco storms off in a huff. Theodora fills him in on the argument and flirts a bit, but then runs off, after agreeing that Jason can help her with her trigonometry homework tomorrow. Coco returns after the birthday party and plops down on Jason’s bed, telling him what happened. With mascara running down her cheeks, she relates how birthday boy Dirk was with her all through the party, getting drunk. After she kissed him, he got fresh and tried to force her to give him a blow job. She screamed and he ended up throwing her out of his house. Jason sympathizes with her plight, and lets her sleep with him, innocently, that night, with Coco promising to leave before anyone wakes up. He surreptitiously watches the petite teen undress and put on one of his tee-shirts to sleep in, and she lies on the bed with her back to him. He advises her to find her own friends, and stop hanging out with the wrong guys. “I know, I actually found a guy who’s really sweet, but it’s pointless. He’ll never like me”, she tells him. “You’ll never know unless you try”, Jason responds. Coco impulsively kisses Jason, and he backs away from her in surprise. “If I’m not pretty or something. I knew you thought I wasn’t pretty!”, she exclaims. “No, you’re beautiful. We can’t”, Jason responds. “Do you have a thing for Theodora, or something?”, she wonders. “No, ol course not”, he says. “Then what is it? We don’t have to tell people that I’m your stepsister. We’ll just say we’re really close”, she insists. He lets her stay, but they get under the covers back to back -no sex. Later, Coco reaches over and starts fondling Jason’s groin, pleading: “I want my first to be with somebody who loves me”. “I should not be your first -I can’t be”, Jason replies. “I think you want to be”, she starts giggling and pulls off his pants. “I’ve never put a penis in my mouth before”, she murmurs. Watch the taboo scene unfold, and then see Theodora in action in Part 2.


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Actors: Coco Lovelock
Studios: A POV Story, MissaX
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