18Eighteen – Penis Lessons – Annie Archer


Within a minute of her piano lesson, it’s clear that Annie Archer hasn’t been practicing.

“I’m 18 and all I think about is boys. This is so boring,” she says.

The pianist probes her about what she likes.

“Look, I just want to have sex,” Annie responds. Clearly she wants her piano tutor to probe her with more than just questions. With a little encouragement on her part, their failed piano lesson turns into a successful sex lesson.

Annie’s big booty bounces as she rides. She’s a way better cowgirl than piano player. Her pretty pink pussy grips the tutor’s shaft nicely as he plunges into her. Her eyes roll back as he goes deeper and deeper.

She cums twice as he fucks her doggie style. He cums once all over her face. Now it’s clear what she’s really been practicing.


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Actors: Annie Archer
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