Web Young – Shared Hall Pass – Melody Marks, Jane Wilde, Jazmin Luv


Melody Marks and Jane Wilde, two teen girlfriends, are canoodling in bed when they start playfully questioning who they’d cheat with if they had a ‘hall pass’ – AKA a free pass to hook up with ONE other person. They both coyly say that there is SOMEONE they’re thinking of, but each girl won’t let the other one know WHO that is.

Melody and Jane play a little guessing game, each trying to suss out the other’s choice. Eventually, they agree to both say their choices at the same time, and it’s revealed that they have both chosen one of their classmates, Jazmin Luv. They’re both surprised and intrigued by this choice- each saying how cute and sexy Jazmin is and how funny it is that they were thinking of the same person.

Melody then brings up an interesting idea: since they’re both into Jazmin, why not use their hall passes together? They could have a threesome! That way, it’s not even cheating, since they’ll BOTH be with Jazmin at the same time. Jane agrees, and they call Jazmin over, claiming they need help with homework.

But when Jazmin arrives, they reveal their true intentions and ask her to join them in a threesome. Jazmin is surprised, but gladly accepts. It seems she finds Melody and Jane hot too, so why not have an adventure? These three dive into a playful, lesbian threesome and prove that when in doubt- you can always share the hall pass!


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