Web Young – Most Likely To – Coco Lovelock, Ava Sinclaire


Two teen friends, Coco Lovelock and Ava Sinclaire, excitedly enter Coco’s bedroom after school to look over their new yearbooks. They’ve been waiting for this ALL DAY and it’s sure to be the perfect cherry on the cake of their final year of high school. Things aren’t all glitz and glamour, however, as they are shocked to read that Coco has been voted ‘Most Likely To Die A Virgin’ and Ava ‘Most Immature.’ Determined to prove all their friends wrong, they wonder what they can do to change people’s minds.

Even though Coco IS still a virgin, she desperately wants to get laid- she just doesn’t know with who yet. Ava suggests that Coco should just become a lesbian like her, claiming it’s much easier to find women who are DTF. Coco, despite being straight, is inspired by Ava’s suggestion and offers to have sex with her. Ava is surprised and somewhat hesitant- she definitely wasn’t expecting Coco to move so quickly.

Coco, however, insists that if they have sex together, both of them will get what they want. Coco won’t be a virgin anymore and Ava will be more mature since… what’s MORE mature than sex, right? Ava thinks it over and then agrees to Coco’s plan. They start with kissing, being a bit clumsy and cutesy at first but gradually getting more and more into it. Before long, they peel away their clothes and have playful, lesbian sex on Coco’s bed. That’ll show the yearbook committee!


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