Web Young – Leave The Light On? – Lily Lou, Alexia Anders


Lily Lou opens her front door and greets her new friend Alexia Anders, who will be staying over for the night. This is Alexia’s first slumber party, and Lily promises to make the experience lots of fun. Sure enough, they have a great time watching a bunch of movies starring their favorite actress, and after that Lily says it’s time for bed. Alexia asks if they can leave the hallway light on, but Lily apologetically says that light is broken. When Alexia finds out that they won’t be leaving a light on, she looks nervous and suggests they do additional fun activities instead… After all, it’s her first slumber party, so she wants the full experience!

Lily doesn’t notice Alexia’s nervousness, but agrees that they can have more fun together. They brush and braid each other’s hair, look at a fashion magazine, and play a romance fortune-telling game. According to the game’s predictions, Alexia will live in a mansion and drive an ice cream truck! Alexia is having so much fun that she wants to stay up all night, but Lily insists she REALLY needs to go to bed this time.

After Lily turns out the light, Alexia gets scared, and confesses that she’s afraid of the dark. When she’s at home, she’s used to keeping the hallway light on at night. Lily is sympathetic, and regrets that her hallway light is broken. She asks if there’s another way she can help. Alexia suggests that cuddling might make her feel better, so they cuddle in bed. It seems to be helping, so both girls try to rest… but then Alexia realizes that now she feels aroused from the cuddling! She gets flirty with Lily, who flirts back. They happily kiss, then undress so they can explore each other’s beautiful bodies, and taste each other’s pussies. It looks like Alexia’s first slumber party will be an extra fun one indeed!


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