Viv Thomas – Lost In The Woods – Kate Rich, Allatra Hot


Cute brunette Kate Rich is out walking when she stumbles upon a spooky country mansion. As Bree Parker’s atmospheric lesbian movie “Lost In The Woods” begins, sweet Kate knocks on the door, to be greeted by a mysterious beauty, Allatra Hot. Glamorous Allatra invites Kate to sit beside the fire, fussing over her. When she spills the tea, she kneels to wipe it from Kate’s bare legs, sliding a hand between her thighs. She lifts Kate’s skirt to reveal that she’s not wearing panties, then kisses her hungrily. Kate hesitates for a moment, then responds enthusiastically as her hostess tugs her top down and sucks on her gorgeous breasts. Allatra rubs Kate’s pussy, spreading her lips open and sliding a finger inside, licking her clit to make her moan with arousal. She takes off her own dress and exotic panties, standing over Kate domineeringly as she frigs her to an intense orgasm. Now Allatra lies back on the leather sofa, squeezing her stiff nipples as petite Kate strokes and licks her shaved pussy to a noisy climax. She pulls Kate up to straddle her face, eating her until she cums again.


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