The White Boxxx – Just A Taste – Melody Marks, Kristof Cale


Melody Marks joins her partner Kristof Cale in bed but her horny pussy wouldn’t let her rest. Sadly, her partner is not paying attention to her. She tries to wake him up, even for a quickie, but her efforts remain futile. She decides to work on her pussy with intense fingering. Horny Melody shifts her hands to caress the boobs and later grabs a giant dildo to stimulate her pussy. Her moans awaken Kristof, who takes over the game for a serious fuck. He devours her pussy as he sucks the clit while fingering her to complete rigorous foreplay. They later push the scene to the peak with a remarkable fuck as Cale fills Melody’s tight pussy with his big cock.


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Actors: Melody Marks
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