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Will is at his wit’s end looking for a babysitter – he can’t seem to lock down a girl who will be a high-end, dedicated worker. That is until he meets Lucky Anne. She’s a stellar babysitter, and her resume precedes her. Will is captivated by the sweet babe, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Lucky knows Will’s type, and while he says he’s looking for a babysitter, it sounds more like he’s looking for a cute girl he can fuck around with. She’s not shy and calls him out on it. Will tries to play coy, but his stiffening cock gives him away. Lucky doesn’t mind and makes her move – she thinks Will is pretty cute after all and wouldn’t mind fucking around with him. She sucks his cock and gets herself wet and horny. Then she lets Will fuck her pussy hard. She takes the submissive role and lets Will use her in any position he wants – the deeper he can get, the better. Will coats Lucky’s sweet, cute face with a big load of jizz. She loves having her face painted with his cum and looks up at him gratefully and lustfully – this looks like the start of a beautiful babysitting gig.


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Actors: Lucky Anne
Studios: TeamSkeet
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