Sex Art – Treasure – Stacy Cruz, Maxmilian Dior


Gorgeous brunette Stacy Cruz is trying to sleep, but she can’t resist Maxmilian Dior’s soft kisses. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Treasure” begins, Stacy responds to her lover’s tender embrace, letting him kiss his way from her toes up her silky thighs to her pussy. He tugs her sheer panties aside and licks her skilfully, making her moan and giggle with pleasure. Stacy guides Max’s stiff cock into her pussy in missionary, one leg up on his shoulder so he can fuck her with slow, deep strokes. Sucking and squeezing Stacy’s beautiful breasts, Max thrusts steadily, rubbing her clit as he gives her a powerful orgasm. They switch to spoons, bodies moving in harmony, Stacy’s big breasts jiggling hypnotically. She climaxes again, then licks her man’s dick from root to tip before taking it in her mouth. Gazing up at him with her stunning blue eyes, she sucks it greedily, before straddling him in cowgirl. She moves into a squat to ride harder, breasts bouncing in his face. Clinging to Max, Stacy trembles through another intense orgasm as he cums inside her..

Actors: Stacy Cruz
Studios: Sex Art
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