Sex Art – Offhand – Venera, Nick Ross


Gorgeous Venera looks sensational in sexy lingerie, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Offhand” begins. As she dances seductively, Venera is watched avidly by Nick Ross, who holds back from touching her for as long as he can handle. She guides his hands to her beautiful breasts, then instructs him to lie on the bed so she can grind on him as he teases her stiff nipples. Taking his thick cock in her mouth, she sucks it for a moment before Nick takes control, flipping her onto her back. He eats the stunning blonde’s shaved pussy and tight asshole until she’s moaning with arousal; then she straddles him in cowgirl and rides vigorously, her luscious ass rippling as she slides up and down his thick shaft. Venera moves into a squat to bounce harder, a powerful orgasm tearing through her body. As she catches her breath, they roll over into missionary and Nick pins her legs high and wide, thrusting hard. He bends her like a pretzel to eat her pussy again, then switches to spoons, fucking her to one intense climax after another. Glowing with pleasure, Venera gives Nick a stellar blowjob and laps up his hot cum.


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Actors: Venera
Studios: Sex Art
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