Pure Taboo – Any Friend Of My Daughter’s.. – Mona Blue, Renato


Teen’s Father Fucks Daughter’s Friend With Daughter Lying Right Next To Them

SCENE OPENS on Sue (Ophelia Dust), who enters the house with her friend, 18-year-old Anne (Mona Blue). John (Renato), Sue’s father, comes by the door and greets the girls. This is the first time John is meeting Anne and Sue introduces them to each other.

As soon as John gets a look at Anne, he can’t help but check her out and a dark and horny, almost hungry look flashes in his eyes. Hiding his attraction, he makes small talk with the girls while secretly eying Anne up and down. Anne and Sue tell John what they have planned for their evening and John discusses dinner plans. Sue’s mom will be working late so it will be just the three of them.

When they’re done chatting, Sue leads Anne away to go show her her room. John stares at Anne as they walk away, with the same dark perverted look coming over him. He locks the front door, the lock clicking loudly.


Later, John, Sue, and Anne are having dinner together. John drops his fork on purpose and goes under the table to get it. When he’s under the table, John looks up Anne’s skirt and sniffs her body.

Later that night, the girls are in bed, snoring softly. Anne stirs, sensing a presence beside her.

Her eyes flutter open and she sees John lying beside her, staring at her with lust and silently jerking off. Anne is shocked and is about to say something, but John puts a finger up to his lips in a shush gesture, whispering to Anne that they don’t want to disturb Sue.

Anne looks down at John’s exposed dick and her eyes go wide. She looks conflicted: it is obvious that she is debating with herself whether to say something or stay silent. John motions for Anne to come to him. Anne seems attracted to John but reluctant. She whispers urgently to him, protesting that they shouldn’t do it, for many reasons.

For each of her protests, John has an answer and eventually, he convinces Anne to have sex with him, promising that it will be their secret.

Any friend of his daughter’s is MORE than a friend to John…


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Actors: Mona Blue