Nuru Massage – My Broken Body – Sophia Leone, Marcus London


Marcus London is working hard training at the gym, but his arm is in really bad shape. His trainer Eric suggests he visit the Nuru Massage to work out those sore muscles. Marcus meets masseuse Sophia Leone and is instantly in love with her flawless figure. She removes her top showing off her perky boobs, sensual ass and hairy pussy. She shows Marcus into the shower, where she lathers his upper chest and shoulders. She is hardly shy of his massive boner and takes the opportunity to stroke his hard cock and soapy balls. Sophia continues her treatment in the bathtub, where she goes a little further by opening her mouth wide for his sturdy cock, to massage every inch with her tongue and hands. Sophia has a lot more in store for Marcus, showing him to the Nuru mattress, lathering his body with Nuru Gel. She glides her body all up and down his back, pushing her pussy over his ass, begging him to fuck her. She straddles his cock preparing her pink pussy for the insertion. Marcus thrusts his cock inside her pussy fervently, unable to keep his load. Finally he allows his explosion of cum to spurt all over her pretty mouth!


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Actors: Sophia Leone
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