Mylf – Concept: Will She Cheat? – Blondie Bombshell – Mylf Labs


By now, you may have seen videos around the web of suspicious husbands or boyfriends seeing if their partner will cheat on them given the opportunity. “Will She Cheat” focuses on that exact scenario. Our newest Labs experiment showcases a fresh approach to cuckoldry and explores whether or not these models are as faithful as they say they are. In this episode, Ruban Rolex seeks the help of Peter Green, a well-known pick-up artist. Ruban believes his wife, Blondie Bombshell, is unfaithful and requests that Peter attempt to get her to cheat and reveal her true colors. Unfortunately for Ruban, his suspicions were correct, and Blondie is indeed eager to let Peter fuck her brains out. Ruban watches in horror as the scene unfolds.


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