MissaX – Who’s Your Daddy? Part 2 – Cadence Lux, Kenna James, Chad White


Chad fully intended to set his stepdaughter on the right path, but it backfired. The girls clung to one another and begged him to let Cadence stay in the home. “She has nowhere to go,” Kenna said with her arms wrapped tightly around Cadence. Chad needed to leave the house before he could give the girls his decision. He was gone all night long.
The next morning the girls were planning on going to a house party with frat boys! Chad walked in and saw his daughter dressed in cut-off shorts and a belly top. He was overwhelmed, but every time he would begin to voice his objections to their behavior the girls would turn on their girlish seductions, that sweet voice that always melts step-daddy’s heart.
Later that night the pair sneak to his bedroom. Cadence knows that she’s not the only one who’s madly crushing on step-daddy Chad, Kenna is too! She wants him, and she uses Kenna as a way to get to him. Cadence tells Chad that Kenna is not interested in being a promiscuous girl, she’s just curious. Kenna agrees with Cadence and asks to see, to touch her stepfather’s penis for educational purposes.
Watch the story unfold..

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