MissaX – Who’s Your Daddy? 2 Pt. 5 – Kylie Rocket, Ryan Driller


Following various sexual dalliances, the saga concludes when stepdaddy Joseph (Ryan Driller) visits his daughter Ashley’s bedroom one day when she won’t get up. Ashley (Kylie Rocket) is still angry and depressed, after she saw him making love to her best friend Sara (Aubree Valentine).

“I just want to be left alone”, she tells him. Later, Joseph phones Sara and asks her: “You don’t think that she saw us, do you?”. “Who cares?”, is Sara’s callous reply. “She hasn’t gotten out of bed all week”, Joseph explains. Sara wants to come over but Joseph declares: “Sara, I think we made a mistake”, but she’s hung up the phone on him already. She shows up all smiles and as he tries to discourage her Ashley appears, out of bed at last.

“Sara was just leaving”, Joseph declares. “That’s okay, she can stay”, Ashley says. “I have a date. I’m done here, you see, you’re dad’s a fucking loser”, Sara says vindictively, adding: “You already know that, right?”, before exiting stage right from the kitchen.

Stepdad tries to apologize, but Ashley rebuffs him: “I know you never loved me, and Sara always gets what she wants. Look, you’re all I had. Mom never took care of me, my dad was never around, and then mom went and married you and well, I guess I’m just good for leaving”. Joseph embraces her and they kiss, with Ashley leading him up to her bedroom. They talk about whether Ashley will ever reconcile with her best friend, and kiss again. She climbs on top of him to continue kissing more passionately. Watch the taboo romance unfold…


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Actors: Kylie Rocket
Studios: MissaX
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