MissaX – The Virginity Raffle – Kenna James, Chad White


Kenna James is on Winter Break from college and staying at her stepfather’s home. She’s dressed in the sexiest lingerie, complete with garters and stockings as she teases in front of the webcam, “does it turn you on that I’m being naughty for you at my stepdaddy’s house? Shh! I had better be quiet, don’t wanna get caught!” Kenna is one of the most popular webcam girls on the internet, and she has a fan club that she has promised to meet up with one of them to lose her virginity. She teases, “tip big for a chance to be in the raffle,” she purrs to them in her sexiest voice and the tips roll in, but her heart is heavy. She doesn’t truly want to lose her virginity to a stranger.

Meanwhile Chad is buried in past due bills at his kitchen table. His wife has divorced him and has ruined him. He considers selling his home, the home that Kenna loves so much, to help pay for her college tuition. Kenna learns about her beloved stepfather’s financial situation and bites her lip. “I can help, but I can’t tell you how,” she sits on her stepdaddys lap and throws her arms around his neck, “please.. hear me out. I know you are a proud man, you won’t accept charity, but you could help me, you could earn money to save the house.” Watch the story unfold…

Actors: Kenna James
Studios: MissaX
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