MissaX – The Inheritance – Alex Coal, Brianne Blu, Tyler Nixon


Stepsister, Brianne Blu, is not the sort of girl you want to have over for dinner. She has bad manners, and her stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, and his sweet little wife, Alex Coal, oftentimes neglect to remember to invite her over for holidays. Tyler and his family are living their life happily away from her, until their rich grandpa passed away, and brings the family together again.

Grandpa was very close to Brianne, the two were both considered black sheep of the family. Grandpa was a real estate mogul, owning many of Chicago’s retail and residential buildings, and when he passed he left his millions solely to Brianne Blu. Tyler and his wife invite Brianne over to stay the weekend in the hopes of mending their relationship. He only wants what he is owed, his fair share of Grandpa’s inheritance. Brianne has other plans, she wants what she has always wanted, all of Tyler. Watch the story unfold..

Studios: MissaX
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