MissaX – Siren Pt. 4 – Kyler Quinn, Will Pounder


After seducing neighbor Isiah Maxwell and her own best friend Lisa (Lexi Luna), young homewrecker Siren (Kyler Quinn) has now set her sights on Lisa’s husband Mark (Will Pounder).

Siren apologizes to Mark for messing up the scheduling of an open house, and the real estate agents are back at the mansion to try again. There’s a mutual attraction, but both profess a reluctance to betray Mark’s wife Lisa. When Lisa calls during their conversation, Siren takes the cell phone from Mark and hangs up, then kisses her co-worker, mighty tempting for him to resist. When Lisa phones again, Siren answers: “Hi Lisa. Yeah, he’s somewhere around here -he left his phone on the counter. What’s on your mind?”, she asks, while shoving a bewildered Mark down abruptly on the leather couch.

She listens to Lisa, while undoing his pants. “You did everything I said? And how about all the little tips and tricks? And how about the oral trick I taught you?”, she asks, while starting to gently give Mark a blow job. She delights in fooling the best friend she claims to be loyal to. “Can I make a guy cum in ten seconds from that trick?”, she murmurs, all the while servicing Mark’s cock. “I can”, she asserts, but you don’t want to do that, not before the guy cums first”, Siren tells her. Watch the naughty scene unfold, leading to the shock conclusion to the story.


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Actors: Kyler Quinn
Studios: MissaX
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