MissaX – Siren Pt. 1 – Kyler Quinn, Isiah Maxwell


Siren (Kyler Quinn) tells her tale of infidelity directly to the viewer (addressing a housewife she’s cuckolding), her voice is silky smooth. She is as beautiful as an angel but there is evil behind her eyes, she’s hungry to win and she has her eyes set on one man in particular.

In Part 1 the focus is on seduction, as Siren gets to first base at an open house, where her target is her mentor at the real estate company: Will Pounder, who is in the midst of a midlife crisis in his marriage to busty Lisa (Lexi Luna). They’re interrupted during foreplay when the homeowner shows up unexpectedly, and Siren decides to test her amorous skills on another easy mark, her neighbor Isiah Grayson (played by Isaiah Maxwell). She fakes an ankle injury while jogging, and Good Samaritan Isiah helps her out. Soon Siren has the man in her clutches. When he says: “You know, my wife would kill me if she knew a beautiful woman was laying here on our couch”, she has him hooked. He’s afraid of getting caught, but a little smooch sets things in motion, and soon Siren is sucking on his great big cock. Watch what happens next, and stay tuned -same bat time, same bat channel (that is, MissaX website) for successive Parts of this decadent drama.


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Actors: Kyler Quinn
Studios: MissaX
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