MissaX – Sexting Daddy – Laney Grey, Tommy Pistol


Mark (Tommy Pistol) has laid out the perfect outfit on his bed. He steps back and admires his brand new button-down, perfect for a date with the mysterious woman he’s been chatting online with, Fran. Laying right next to his outfit is his laptop, he connected with her on social media, and now they still chat up into the late hours online. He opens his laptop to confirm the time and place of their very first date, he goes to her page and the computer harps back at him with an oppressive “bonk” sound. He’s not able to see any of her posts, but it looks like she’s online? He hears his 22 year old stepdaughter (Laney Grey) walking down the hallway. “Laney!”

Laney opens his laptop, her poor stepfather has never been one to be savvy with computers, she quickly discovers the problem: he’s been blocked! Mark scrunches his brow, he wonders, ‘that can’t be. Maybe it’s been a mistake?’ Laney suggests he call her. Mark dials the number and finds Fran is not answering his phone call. Laney apologies empathetically for Mark’s heartbreak, but hey– at least he can stay home with her and have a movie night! Mark, still frustrated and heartbroken, says he thinks he’ll go for a jog and call it an early night.

Laney leaves with a mischievous smile. Mark doesn’t know that she has changed Fran’s phone contact to hers, and she has blocked Fran from his side, not hers’. She had to do it. She can’t share her handsome stepdaddy with another woman!

Mark receives a sexy text message from Fran, but it’s actually Laney in the next bedroom. She apologized for the mix up on social media, and claims she was so busy that she forgot about their date. She’s horny, her pussy is wet and aching, she sends him a picture of her inviting young pussy and Mark nearly drops his phone! She wants a picture of his cock. Laney rubs her pussy in the next room. She can’t believe she’s finally going to see her stepdaddy’s cock. Watch the story unfold..

Actors: Laney Grey
Studios: MissaX
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