MissaX – Reunited – Joanna Angel, Seth Gamble


Joanna Angel is a powerful attorney, she’s successful, respected, and she never loses. It’s her birthday and she dreams of the life she could have had. She was once head over heels in love with a man, Seth Gamble, and she was pregnant with his baby. Seth convinced her that they were too young to have a baby, that she was too ambitious.

She snoops on Facepage and sees the happy life that Seth is leading. He’s married, he’s found God, and he’s got his own family, but he has one problem– he’s lost his job. Joanna finds her opportunity to make her dreams come true. She will offer him a job, and he will accept because he needs it, and she will take his seed. After all, she is a woman that never loses.

Actors: Joanna Angel
Studios: MissaX