MissaX – Lightning Strikes – Sophia West, Chad White, Tyler Nixon


Sweet stepmother Sophia West receives anal sex and a vaginal creampie from her delirious stepson, Tyler Nixon.

New stepmother, Sophia West, has come into Tyler Nixon’s life, and he couldn’t be more pleased. He has embraced her, body and soul, and oh– what a body. Sophia wears form fitting dresses that show off every curve of her body, and she is so attentive to Tyler, he’s the son she never had. The tension has been building over the last few years and Tyler knows it’s wrong. He’s decided to bury himself in his studies.

The rain is pouring down, and Tyler insists that he will walk to the campus library despite Sophia’s warning not to. He steps out and lightning strikes! He stumbles into the house with his clothing tattered, and his hair steaming, and now he sees Sophia in a brand new light. She’s wearing lingerie! Her perfect breasts are pushed up in a lace bra, she’s wearing a matching thong, and oh, the stockings. The same stockings that she washes and dries in the bathroom, are now showing their true beauty on Sophia’s perfectly shaped long legs. He quickly learns that his perception is not all that it seems. The doctor, Chad White, has promised him that in time his mind will recover, and the illusions will stop, but he warns him to stay away from the lady in question. “Tyler,” Sophia calls to him, “come and watch a movie with me,” she begs. Tyler can’t refuse her, he will go, he will try his best to keep his eyes on the screen, he will. be. a gentleman. Watch the story unfold..

Actors: Sophia West
Studios: MissaX
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