GloryHole Secrets – Ray Ray’s First Gloryhole Video – Ray Ray


Married Midwestern newcomer Ray Ray considers herself a porn rockstar. It’s hard to dispute after watching her first appearance in the booth today and she sucks off a team of strangers. She says she feels like she’s just getting started after draining more dicks in 45 minutes than the majority of women see in a lifetime. Though she considers herself shy, Ray-Ray has gangbanged over 20 men at once and has been in a gloryhole before in New Zealand (off-camera). That one was only five guys, so today will be much more fulfilling for her with over double that. Ray-Ray is a proud slut who loves being used and filled with cum, whether it’s in her mouth or in her pussy, but blowjobs are her favorite. She estimates she has had over 1400 dicks inside of her in her 27 years on the planet. She’ll get plenty of creamy white loads (her preference of consistency) down her throat today as she takes pride in being a receptacle for strangers to deposit their cum. This is a dirty girl in all the best ways! Ray-Ray is one of those girls where sucking cock gets her so wet that she can make herself orgasm just by giving head. She even gives us a little show after she is done sucking dicks where she makes herself SQUIRT all over the booth! Ray-Ray only rates herself an eight/nine on the cock-sucking ten scale, but if there has ever been a candidate for an eleven, this might be the girl. However, you’ll have to watch her performance on her knees and see if you agree. Should Ray-Ray come back and see if she can beat her record of 31 dicks at once? Our gloryhole booth is up to the challenge and so is Ray-Ray.


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Actors: Ray Ray
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