Frolicme – Game On – Venera Maxima, Nick Ross


Couple heat up the moment with a cheeky game.

Fancy shaking things up and creating a sexy dynamic to a night in? Take it back to the tantalising days when games like cheeky strip poker were always on the cards, but this time there’s only two lucky players.

Get the bubbly on ice and dress up in your most expensive lingerie and finery knowing that, win or lose, you’ll be getting it off soon enough with a raunchy couples sex game. Who wants to save their best outfits for a night out on the town showing it off to strangers? Bring it all back indoors with just you, your lover and a deck of cards and make up your own way to play. Who cares what the rules are, we certainly don’t! We are all for finding ways of adding some sexy sparkle to a memorable night in.

We all know the game will be abandoned quickly, when Venera pads through to the other room to retrieve the champagne, it’s only going to get hotter from here on in. They pop the cork and let the bubbles spill from lips to throat, trickling down over her breasts. It gives Nick a very cheeky idea and as Verena lies back and spreads her beautiful long legs, he takes a deep sip of bubbly, holding the cool sparkling liquid in his mouth until he can let it dribble seductively over Verena’s juicy pussy. What a delightful way to add sensations to this couples sex game and these two can’t get enough of each other and soon they are fucking each other hard and deep in this erotic sex video as sex becomes the main focus their play.

So fire up some provocative fun and dress in ways to seduce your lover while thinking up kinky new, and ever-changing, rules to ensure your horn levels rise.

Everyone’s a winner in this couples sex game.


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Actors: Venera Maxima
Studios: Frolicme
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