Filthy Kings – Don’t Say I Never Do Anything Nice For You – Honey Hayes, Nadia White, Peter Green – Filthy Taboo


My boyfriend Peter Green is a little older than me & really hot. I’m so excited to be watching scary movies with him and for all the fun we’re going to have after! That is, until my stepmom Nadia White comes home. What a drag! She starts bitching about him being older and that our relationship is inappropriate…whatever! Peter & I went to bed that night – without sex – we didn’t want my nosey stepmom poking her head in. But that’s exactly what she did. Imagine my shock when I wake up to my step mother’s lips wrapped around my boyfriend’s big cock!? Nadia said she wanted to test drive him to make sure he was up to speed. I figured I’d hop in for the ride at this point. We started blowing Peter’s cock together and then my stepmom pushed my head down on it, making my eyes water. She helped Peter penetrate me deeply when I got on top of him so I ate her pussy when he fucked her from behind. My step mom spread me out so Peter could fuck me hard & then we got on top of each other so Peter could take turns between our pussies. We let him cum all over our faces & mouths. I guess my step mom isn’t such a drag after all!


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