Fake Taxi – Let Me Fuck You for A Discount – Chloe Lamour


I was having a little break when busty Chloe Lamour asked me if I was free. I could see her tits through her shirt, so I told her hell yes, I was free. She was real cheeky, giving me attitude in the backseat, but once she saw how big my cock was, she changed her mind. I offered her a discount if she fucked me, and she was more than willing. I pulled over and got into the backseat, then took out my huge cock. Chloe gave me a blowjob while I played with her big boobs, then climbed on top of me and sat her arse down on my shaft. I fucked her pussy doggystyle and missionary style, then pounded her in spoon position. Finally, she hopped off my cock, and I covered her with a facial. She ate it all, and earned a free ride!

Actors: Chloe Lamour
Studios: Fake Taxi, Fake Hub
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