Facial Abuse – E881 – Face Fucked And Bred


She got the usual treatment of FA, but she had a dick in her throat her throat when Boots relieved himself in her throat like he was at the Molly Pitcher rest stop on the NJ Turnpike. She was treated in sub-human manner, and then as her pink pussy was fucked, the Vaccinated Vandal bred her with his toxic, vaccinated seed. It poured out of her pussy and onto the sofa, and she licked it all up. I’m sure his sperm made it to an egg. let’s see what happens in a few months. Boots gave no fucks at the special breeding time. He fucked her too and gave no fucks. Her big fat tits undulated all over as she got slammed like a door by an HR dept when a white man applies for a job. That’s some good, hard, deep fucking. Then she got 4 loads. Yes, 4 loads to her face, and baptized by her own slop in the whore bowl. She never got handled like this before. Ever.


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