Exploited College Girls – This Totally Rocked My World – Hannah Stasia


She’s twenty-five, she’s a grad student, she’s super sexy, super fit, super athletic and toned and she’s a smoke show is what she is and we’re extremely happy to have her for her first sex on camera. Love it, and it’s girls like 25-year-old Ivy (Hannah Stasia) that makes exploiting fun. I don’t think she minded one bit though the exploiting treatment that Tyler Nixon laid on her because she claims it’s hard to make her cum and she came a record 4 fucking fantastic times today. The title of today’s scene says it all I believe and the sex was out of this solar system, interstellar and galactic today. Amazing what can happen when the right tool’s put in the hands of a professional. I’m referring to Tyler’s hard cock, his handsy hands and that tongue of his that just loves to feel and probe newbie’s orifices and I think we’ve ruined sex for you Ivy with all future average Joe’s it appears. Well as the saying goes, it’s better to have had awesome and phenomenally great sex than to have never had it at all. Or maybe it’s love they mean but you get the point. Today was like Ivy got transported to another dimension of time and space called the pleasure universe and she doesn’t want to wake up from this totally awesome dream, and once Tyler spread our little Ivy’s legs apart and began sucking on her clit she never wanted this rocket ship to land. Well hold onto your seat cowgirl because the booster rockets are about to engage when the magic wand makes it’s appearance and I think Ivy likes her asshole licked while receiving clit stimulation. What girl doesn’t but I think it’s totally hot to watch Ivy’s small little butt hole pucker in and out at (16:57) as Tyler finger fucks her to shear bliss and Orgasm #1. Orgasm #2 follows rather quickly and I think Ivy’s enjoying herself and liked being used like a little fuck doll as Tyler face fucked her until it was time for the main event. And LET’s GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!! And Ivy rumbled all right all over Tyler’s stiff dick with that beautiful pussy that looked like it was made for it. It kind of is made for it actually and it’s harmony in motion of hundreds of thousands of years, possibly millions of years of creation through evolution. It’s beautiful people like Ivy and Tyler having great and satisfying sex that’s proof that God exists and is good. I mean think about it, Satan for fucking sure didn’t create life, sex and orgasms. Ok I know, my write-ups can sometimes have a sort of classroom studies feel to them but hey, Ivy’s a grad student and this is Exploited – College – Girls. That’s right, girls from college getting exploited, pretty fucking simple and the name says it all. So quit reading and start watching Ivy and the beginning of this absolutely gorgeous girls sexual journey and the wonders of her and great sex. Oh and go check out her first scene that just dropped yesterday over at excogigirls.com and witness her first time licking slit EVER with fan favorite Trinity Olsen. It’s already highly rated on that site and for good reason. So toddles everyone.


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Actors: Hannah Stasia
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