ExCoGi Girls – Guys Can’t Make Me Cum Like This – Amber Moore, Britney Rose


Today my fellow friends is all about the love of Licking Pussy and the joys of introducing a fresh as fuck bona fide genuine college coed who has kissed a few girl’s before but it’s never progressed past that she explains. She also never touch another girls boobies and this fresh as fuck coed’s name is Britney and she’s here to lick her First Ever Pussy for y’alls enjoyment. It’s also a very special moment for us here at ExCoGi because we have one of our best and top rated girl’s ever back to help out this week and this top shelf, penthouse living, returning fan favorite and absofuckinglutely gorgeous slit’s name is Amber Moore. Wow! I know and she’s a superstar and going to guide our tanned absolutely beautiful and close to coed perfection around her first Sex with a girl today. Wow again and if you don’t know about Amber then you’re not a fan of exploitedcollegegirls. She and her First Ever Sex on Camera is the number two girl on the site behind Gabbie Carter. Their names are the links to their scenes and worth checking out, but today’s about Britney and all I can say is “Thank You God!” Because Britney is sweet, innocent minded, somewhat inexperienced and is used to having sex with frat boys for only about 10 to 15 minutes a session. I can’t imagine those brief encounters being all that satisfying, so today Amber is going to focus, and I DO MEAN FOCUS, on you and your Vagina exclusively with tons of Pussy Licking, rubbing, and a few First Ever Squirting Orgasms which will also include heavy doses of soft and tender kissing between these two hot as fuck girls who really seemed the enjoy the pleasures of each other. It’s a bit of a silent movie I’ll admit and as lots of you have requested to have the girl’s please, please, please just having them enjoy each other without a bunch of playing up to the camera’s and over use of the Toy Play. Well I hope this is more to your liking because this seemingly simple yet complicated request has proven to be more of a challenge than I anticipated, but if anyone can do it it’s Amber. So after a brief interview with these two blondes on the bed Amber removes her top to show Britney her perfectly pink and supple breasts that just scream to be touched, which Britney does at (4:57) and today you just know it’s going to be a good day. You also get a first hand glimpse of just how eager Britney is to be sexual with a girl as Amber kisses her while she softly touches her breasts at (8:32) and as Amber pulls away Britney lunges forward with eyes closed to keep the kissing and passion going. Hot, and it’s moments like these that make this scene so bone worthy I feel. Both these girls are into each other and when Amber leans back and spreads her legs to show Britney her nicely Trimmed Pussy and asks her if she would like to Touch Her First Pussy? Well that’s the kitty cats meow and Britney licked her fingers in between strokes and I think Britney likes pretty girls. There’s plenty of Kissing and light lip biting going on as these two take turns licking each others Nipples and feeling each others bodies until Amber instructs her to bend over so she could spread her Pussy. It’s gorgeous all right and Amber then proceeds to slowly rub and play with Britney’s phenomenal Pussy Lips and Clit for six minutes, much to Britney’s delight. And don’t fret Lesbian fans there’s more delight to be had because at (20:01) Amber spreads Britney’s long legs and tastes that wet and delicious slit. Does Britney like it? Well just watch as she twitches with each pulsating throb of pleasure that’s shot throughout her body. It happens throughout the entire fucking scene and it’s so fucking hot to witness. Britney is literally speechless I think and lets see, the next highlight is when Britney’s tongue flickers over her First Pussy Ever at (29:19) and this girl loves Pussy I think. I know I loved and thoroughly enjoyed oysters and clams the first time I ate them and damn girl you love to Munch Muff I see. I also think we might have found a new main stay girl in Amber because this scene has what I’ve been trying to produce since we began. So I hope you enjoy Amber and Britney’s First Taste of Pussy and with that I’ll say goodbye and until next weeks update, I bid you all farewell.


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