Dick Drainers – Basketball And Monster Black Dick Lessons For College Teen – Reese Robbins, Mookiee Jordan


It’s March! U kno wat that means! MADNESS!!!!!

Selection Sunday already passed and the teams have been chosen. And Mookie Jordan’s Bulls are headin to the tournament!!

Coach has already been tellin the players that they never gonna forget this experience and they need to make it count!

And makin it count means practicin so the other squads can’t throw nothin at the Bulls they haven’t seen before!

Mookie been tryna practice but one of the freshman white girls in the dorm KEEP bothering him.

She excited the school made the tourney and now she wanna learn about basketball and she want Mookie to teach her all about basketball. This week. The week of the tournament. And she not takin no for a answer.

Mookie been avoiding her and tryna focus on the tournament but her ass just barged into his spot wanting to learn AGAIN.

This lil white girl annoying. Mookie mite have to teach her sumthin for her to leave him alone.


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Actors: Reese Robbins
Studios: Dick Drainers
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