Daughter Swap – The Suggestive Swap – Emma Hix, Katya Rodriguez


Emma Hix and Katya rodriguez are two sexy teens that love pushing their papas to the limit. On this particular day, they requested to stay out later than their curfew allows. The stepdads said yes to their lovely daughters without a second thought. Then as they walked away, the stepdads got a good glance at each others daughters. These girls are blossoming into beautiful women, and boys WILL try to take advantage of them. Its best for them to be prepared, and what better way to get taught by stepdaddy first? The stepdads figure out a way to strongly suggest that the girls make their first sexual contact with their opposite stepdaddy. These teens got to suck dick, get their pussies fucked, and taste cum for the first time. All in the comfort of their own home and close to stepdaddy’s reach. The actual process of how this worked was quite amazing so don’t take our word for it. Sit back and see what happens for yourself!


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