Dane Jones – Zombie Teen Halloween Double Team – Yiming Curiosity


Ricky Rascal and Nick Ross are playing video games in the garage when they hear shambling outside. Checking the door, they see an Asian stunner dressed as a schoolgirl… with a pencil sticking through her nose! They tell her to scram and go back to their game, but the moaning walker enters the house. When Ricky goes to refill his beverage, the zombie teen bites Nick, and when Ricky comes back to fend her off, he gets a bite for his trouble too! Now that they’re all zombies, Yiming craves more flesh, so she gets on the couch, pulls up her skirt, and spanks her ass enticingly. Nick and Ricky shamble over and take their dicks out, and Yiming sucks them both off at the same time. Taking turns fucking her tight pussy and pretty face, Nick and Ricky cover Yiming in cum, then go back to their game… before they turn!


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