Bratty Sis – I Accidentally Sent My Stepbrother Nudes – Ruby Redbottom


Ruby Redbottom is loving her hot girl summer bod. Using her cell phone, she begins snapping selfies of how good she looks in a bikini. From there it’s only natural for her to pop her titties out to get some photos of those. Her ass is next up, along with her shaved twat when she pulls her bikini bottom down. Going off to her bedroom, Ruby tries sending the pics to her boyfriend, but accidentally texts her stepbrother Jason instead.

Jason refuses to let Ruby use his phone when she asks. When he finds the dirty photos, his reaction is to whip out his dick and start masturbating to them. Ruby walks in on Jason and sees what he’s doing. He has a nice cock, so Ruby decides to get in on that. Getting on her knees, she strokes and sucks Jason’s hardon. That’s not enough for this cum loving little coed, so she gets to her feet long enough to hop onto Jason’s dick in reverse cowgirl.

Relocating to the bedroom, they keep their party going as Ruby sinks right back down in reverse cowgirl. Turning around, she lets Jason see her in full frontal as she keeps on riding. They transition to doggy with Ruby mewling in delight. When she rolls onto her back, Ruby begs her stepbrother to cum. He’s happy to oblige, pulling out so he can give himself a handie until he busts a nut all over her shaved twat. Dipping back inside, Jason helps Ruby ride out her own pleasure as they agree not to tell anyone about their newfound relationship.


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Actors: Ruby Redbottom
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