Babes – Participant Observation: Part 1 – Abella Danger, Sabina Rouge


Evelyn Claire is a young, beautiful student working on her PhD in Sociology – the topic for her thesis is sex work in the LA area. Evelyn has read countless papers, looked at studies, devoured books, and gone to lectures; she knows everything there is to know about the scene… right? After meeting redhead Sabina Rouge at a bar she frequents, Evelyn is going to learn, first hand, what the LA sex scene is really like! Creamy-skinned Evelyn will get rid of that writer’s block if it’s the last thing she does… In Part 1 of Participant Observation, frustrated Evelyn escapes her bedroom to take a breather, she’s been trying to write for hours but it’s hopeless! Evelyn doesn’t know it yet but she’s about to meet someone who is going to turn it all around. Amazing Sabina is like a fairy godmother – except that she’s stunningly beautiful, sexy, and actually sticks around past midnight!

Studios: Babes
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