Adult Time – Stuck In Public – Brooklyn Gray, Sabina Rouge – Go Stuck Yourself


Sabina Rouge, a barista, is closing up the cafe when she gets her hair stuck around the leg of a couch. She tries to keep her cool and free herself but nothing works… That’s when she has to suck up her embarrassment and call out for help. Luckily for her, Brooklyn Gray happens to be walking by and hurries inside. But Brooklyn immediately becomes distracted by Sabina’s body, showing her obvious attraction. Although Sabina is flattered by Brooklyn’s comments, she redirects Brooklyn’s attention to getting her unstuck. But, again and again, Brooklyn’s attraction to the cute barista causes them to get sidetracked. While Sabina loves the attention, she becomes increasingly exasperated, just wanting to be unstuck. That’s when she realizes she’s NOT going to be unstuck until Brooklyn’s lust is taken care of. So, to help clear Brooklyn’s head, she offers herself up for a bit fun!

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