Adult Time – Let’s Not Fight – Nicole Aria, Theodora Day, Seth Gamble – Dare We Share


Nicole Aria invites her friend, Theodora Day, over to her place to have a serious talk. Nicole is upset because she just found out that the guy she’s dating, Seth Gamble, has been cheating on her. Although Theodora tries to act sympathetic, a guilty expression crosses her face as she asks who the other woman is. That’s when Nicole calls Theodora out, knowing the other woman is HER. Theodora asks if Nicole’s mad. Nicole is frustrated because she KNOWS the sex between her and Seth is amazing, so she can’t figure out why Seth even WANTS to cheat with Theodora. Offended, Theodora states that SHE wonders the same thing about why Seth bothers being with Nicole! That’s when things get heated as they start competing with each other, trying to insist that they’re the better lover — especially when it comes to giving head. That’s when these two competitive ladies get a sneaky idea… Minutes later, Nicole leads Seth to the bedroom, telling him to close his eyes for a surprise. Once he does, she sneaks Theodora into the room. They stealthily take turns blowing Seth until Seth finally opens his eyes and catches them, surprised and aroused. That’s when the feisty ladies decide to go ALL the way so that Seth can decide who the better lover is once and for all!

Studios: Adult Time
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