A POV Story – The Scheme Pt. 1 – Violet Starr, Nathan Bronson, Will Pounder


Violet Starr has recently invited her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, to stay with her at her fiancé, Will Pounder’s place. The problem is that the guys argue way too much. Nathan thinks Will’s a square, and Will resents the close relationship she has with Nathan. Poor Will doesn’t know just how close she is with her stepbrother, and the scheme they have planned. Pulling one over on Will almost makes Violet feel bad for Will, he’s a good guy, sometimes she thinks she’s genuinely in love with him. Nathan senses her conflicting feelings, he has to remind Violet that he comes first in their life. Who will kiss her like her stepbrother? Who will touch her the way that makes the little hairs stand up on the back of her neck, her back arch, her lips beg for more? Who can fuck her to make her body tremble? There’s no other man for Violet, no other bond that is closer than family, and their dirty little scheme must be carried out.

Actors: Violet Starr
Studios: A POV Story, MissaX
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