A POV Story – Practice Pt. 2 – Laney Grey, Lilly Bell, Will Pounder


Stepmom Rayveness is leaving the house, saying goodbye as she kisses her stepdaughters Laney (Grey) and Lilly (Bell) on their foreheads: “Hi there! I am late”. She addresses her stepson Will (Pounder): “Do me a favor: keep an eye on my girls. I don’t want anything to happen to them or let them get into any kind of trouble”. “We’re not kids anymore”, Laney says. “And we act like ’em”, Rayveness jokes. “Look, I’m outta here, I gotta go”, she exclaims and departs. The girls are sitting on the couch, busy on their cell phones. Lilly announces: “I’m so bored”. “Me, too”, says Laney. “I can’t believe we’re spending Friday night with our stepbrother”, Lilly says, looking over at Will. “Come on, it’s not his fault”, Laney says. “He’s just weird”, Lilly declares. “Come on, be nice”, Laney says. She turns to Will and says: “Come on, ignore her, okay, she’s kind of a bitch”. “I am not!”, Lilly insists. “Oh, come on. Ever since we met you’ve been a little stuck up”, Laney claims.”That’s not fair”. “Kinda true, isn’t it?”, Laney mocks. “Maybe”, Lilly responds. “Okay, come on, we should be nice to our new big brother -welcoming him to the family”, Laney says. “I guess”, Lilly says. Laney turns to him and says: “So Will, Lilly and I are best friends -we’re not really sisters but we act like it. Rayveness, my mom, basically adopted her”. “She did not. We were basically in college when we met”, Lilly counters. “Well, you live with us, don’t you?”, Laney points out. “I guess”, Lilly concedes. “Then my mom married your dad”, Laney says. “This is confusing”, Will interjects. “Laney is terrible at explaining things”, Lilly contends. “That’s not true”, Laney says. “I’m still bored”, Lilly declares. “Maybe you’re just boring”, Laney mocks. “God, you’re so rude!”, Lilly exclaims. “That’s not true”, Laney says. “What do you think, big brother?”, Lilly asks. “I don’t know”, he says. “That’s the right answer”, Laney says with a smile. “So what are we gonna do?”, Lilly asks. “I don’t know. We could play a game or something”, Laney says. “We’re not kids anymore”, Lilly points out. “Do you have a better idea?”, Laney asks her. “No”, Lilly says. “So what do you think, Will?”, Laney asks. “Sure”, he says. “Well, how about Simon Says?”, Laney suggests. “Okay, if I get to be Simon”, Lilly insists. “That works for me”, Will says. “Simon says: put one arm out in front of you”, Lilly instructs. Both siblings comply. “All right, Simon says: jump!”, Lilly announces, and her siblings both hop. “All right, stand on one foot”. Will lifts a leg, and Lilly shouts out: “Ah, Simon doesn’t say!”. “Ah, you gotta sit down!”, Laney yells at Will. “Simon says: put a finger on your nose”, Lilly says. “This is going to get boring very soon”, Laney complains. “Says you. Simon says: Undo the buttons on your shirt”, Lilly says. “Lilly!”, Laney complains. “Simon says: Undo your buttons”, Lilly repeats. “Okay”, Laney unbuttons her blouse. “Simon says: give me a kiss” -Laney kisses her sister. “Simon says: go sit next to your big brother”, and Laney obeys. “Put a hand on his leg…and undo his pants”, Lilly says, and Laney follows orders. Lilly calls out: “I didn’t say Simon Says!”. Laney backs away from him, yelling at Lilly: “You’re such a jerk sometimes, you know that?”. “Big brother doesn’t seem to mind”, Lilly retorts. “You’re right, look what you’ve done”, Laney declares, as the girls look at the boner Will’s sporting. “I’m sorry -I didn’t mean it”, Lilly says. “Well, are you going to fix it?”, Laney asks her sister. “Is it okay?”, Laney asks Will. The sisters kneel down in front of Will and expose his big dick. “I don’t think this is enough. You got him into this, not me”, Laney says to her, grabbing his cock. “I want to see you make things right”, Laney says to Lilly. “Kiss it!”, Laney demands. “May I?”, Lilly asks WIll. Laney holds the cock while Lilly gives it a smooch. “I don’t think that’s enough. Let me show you”, Laney tells Lilly. Laney gives Will a blow-job, then hands the cock over to Lilly to continue. “What about you, big brother?”, Laney asks. “I was enjoying the show”, he replies. The sisters kiss each other while Laney keeps stroking brother’s cock. Watch the taboo threesome unfold…

Studios: A POV Story, MissaX
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