A POV Story – Human Contact Part 2 – Shay Sights, Freya Parker, Robby Echo


Chad (Robby Echo) comes home and finds his stepsister Jaslyn (Freya Parker) asleep on the living room couch. When he approaches her she wakes up and announces: “I was dreaming”. “How was it?, he asks. “A beautiful beach, with a cool breeze”, she begins. “It sounds nice”, he says. “It was, until my stepbrother woke me”, she complains. “You were there”, she continues. “Where?”, he asks. “In my dream”, she answers. “What am I doing?”, he wonders. “I don’t remember. It doesn’t really matter anyways, because we’re going to be here for who knows how long”, she says. “We could find something fun to do”, he claims. “I already told you no”, she insists. “What’s wrong? We’re not really brother and sister”, Chad points out. “Yeah, but it’s still weird”, she points out. “I think you’re pretty”, he says. “I think you’re cute”, Jaslyn responds. “Then what’s the problem?”, he asks, his hands on his hips. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just scared”, she answers. “You’re afraid of me? I’m not scary”, Chad says. “I guess not”, Jaslyn admits. “We’re home alone all the time, why not enjoy it?”, he suggests. She gets close to him, but before anything can happen stepmom (Shay Sights) enters the living room, and says: “What are you kids up to?”. “I just had something in my eye. Chad was helping me”, Jaslyn says sheepishly. I feel like I walked in on something I shouldn’t have”, stepmom says. “I have studying to do”, Jaslyn says, and leaves the room. Stepmom looks at Chad and says: “She’s not mad at me, is she?”, moving close to her stepson. “Not now”, he says. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”, she asks. “No one’s mad”, he insists. “We had fun, didn’t we?”, she asks. “It was amazing”, he admits. “Your stepsister, she’s…”, stepmom begins, but he interrupts, saying: “She’s afraid”. “Poor sweetie, you don’t think she’s a…”, stepmom begins. “She had a boyfriend, I think they did it”, Chad notes. “She’s probably just a little bit shy, I mean, gosh, she’s such a pretty young thing now, such a waste. She makes you hard, doesn’t she?”, stepmom says. Chad nods Yes. “I think she’s just sad and lonely”, he says. “Maybe she just needs a little coaxing”, stepmom suggests. “I don’t know -it may be overwhelming for her”, Chad argues. “You’re such a good boy. You really care about her, don’t you?”, stepmom asks. “Will we try?, she says, leading him out of the living room. They find Jaslyn lying on her bed with her phone in hand. “Hi sweetie. Do you need any help?”, stepmom asks her. “No, I’m okay”, Jaslyn responds. “Your stepbrother and I have been a little bit worried about you”. “Worried about what?”, Jaslyn asks. “Well I mean it’s such a difficult time and we’re alone in this house and we just think it’s really important that we don’t isolate from each other”, stepmom says. “You know we’re all feeling a little bit lonely now”, Chad chimes in. “Oh, I’m okay, really”, Jaslyn insists. “Your stepbrother really cares about you, you know that, right? I mean you’re only 22. You should be out there living your life, experiencing things, making mistakes -and you’re here all alone”, stepmom says. “What am I supposed to be doing?”, Jaslyn inquires. “Well, you have us”, stepmom says, motioning to Chad inclusively. “Um, what is that supposed to mean?”, Jaslyn asks. “Well I mean we’re lonely too. We could all help each other”, stepmom says, then leans over to whisper in Jaslyn’s ear. “You feel this way too?”, Jaslyn asks Chad. “I just told her you have a little bit of a crush on her”, stepmom says to Chad. “I already told her”, Chad responds. “I also told her what you want to do to her. Didn’t I, Jaslyn?”, stepmom says. “How does that make you feel?”, she asks Jaslyn. “I don’t know”, Jaslyn responds. “You’re not still a virgin, are you sweetie?, stepmom asks. “Well no, but…”, Jaslyn begins. “It’s okay to be a little bit shy”, stepmom interrupts. She sits on the bed next to Jaslyn and arranges her hair. “I don’t know, what if I do something wrong?”, Jaslyn wonders. “Well, wouldn’t you like me and your brother to help you?”, stepmom asks. “I don’t know”, Jaslyn says. “I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t want to do sweetie”, stepmom says. “What if someone finds out?”, Jaslyn asks. “Well I mean I don’t think they will, but even if they do, who can blame us? We’re all stuck here alone”, stepmom contends. “Look how beautiful you are, my beautiful stepdaughter”, stepmom says, kissing Jaslyn on the lips. “You’re such a good kisser”, she tells the young girl. “I am?”, Jaslyn wonders. “Yeah, you’re warm and passionate”, stepmom asserts. “Well, you’re a good kisser too”, Jaslyn tells her. “Thank you”, stepmom murmurs. “Is this really okay?”, Jaslyn asks. “Uh hum”, stepmom answers. “Chad, is this okay?”, Jaslyn asks. “Yeah, I mean we all love each other, don’t we?”, Chad asks. “I guess”. “You guess?”, he asks. “Yeah, I mean I love you and I love mom”, Jaslyn says as stepmom unbuttons Jaslyn’s top. “I think we’re being just a little bit selfish, maybe we should include your brother”, stepmom says. “I’m not sure”, Jaslyn says. “What aren’t you sure about sweetie?”, stepmom asks. “Um, he seems big”. “Nothing to be scared of”, stepmom says. “You’ll show me?”, Jaslyn asks her. “Of course sweetheart. We’ll do it together”, stepmom says. Chad walks over to the bed. “Come sit down here with the family, Chad”, stepmom instructs. Watch the threesome unfold…

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